Firrhill High School Opportunity Fund

Firrhill High School Opportunity Fund



Dear Parent/Carer,


I am writing to you to make you aware of a new development that we have put in place at Firrhill which may be of interest to you.


As part of our commitment to provide equitable access to the many opportunities that are on offer at the school we have set up the Firrhill High School Opportunity Fund (FHSOF). This is a fund that can assist with the cost of extra-curricular activities, such as trips or after-school clubs.


The Opportunity Fund is available for those pupils who currently receive free school meals or where a significant event, such as a bereavement, has had a sudden and significant negative impact on family income.


In order to access the Opportunity Fund an application must be made. You, as a Parent/Carer, can make that application or someone else can complete the application on your behalf although we ask that you are made aware of and agree to the application being made. The Pupil Support Leaders in school can help you in completing an application if you would like some assistance.


We want the fund to be as easy to access as possible but you will understand that we need to have procedures in place to make sure that funding is allocated fairly. The key aspects of the Fund are as follows:


  • The FHSOF is for the support of pupils who receive Free School Meals or where a sudden, significant event has had a significant negative impact on family income
  • The funds in the FHSOF are raised through the Whole School Challenge
  • Support is only available for future activities (only applications following a sudden change in circumstances will be considered for activities which have already been booked onto)
  • Support from the fund can only be accessed by submitting a fully completed application form
  • Every application will be considered but only those applications which fulfil the eligibility criteria and where sufficient funds are available will be successful
  • More than one application can be submitted during a school year for the same pupil although the maximum amount of support that any one pupil may receive in a school year is capped at £100
  • The FHSOF may support an application in full or in part depending on the available funds
  • All applications will be treated sensitively and in confidence
  • It may be necessary for the school to ask for additional information from you to support an application for funding


You can find more information about the Opportunity Fund including the procedures for how the funds are allocated and who oversees the fund as well as a copy of the application form on the school website ( Your child’s PSL will be able to help you if you need further assistance.


At its heart the FHSOF is designed to reduce barriers to participation in extra-curricular activities that can sometimes be created by the cost of an activity. Whether or not you are able to access the fund I would hope this is an ambition you would agree with.




Graham Hamilton


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