Parent Council Fundraising and Social Group

The Fundraising and Social Group (formerly the PTA) is an energetic and active group of parents and teachers who raise funds to support and enhance the pupil experience at Firrhill.

Over the years the Fundraising Group have raised thousands of pounds through quiz nights, raffles, donations and other activities.

The group meets about 4 times a year – if you are enthusiastic and have fundraising ideas, or would just like to lend a hand, please come along – meetings are open to all – you can also find us at the school Parent Council meetings.


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Firrhill Futures

In 2021 we have launched a new initiative, a voluntary fund that you can contribute to. We call this Firrhill Futures.

Firrhill Futures aims to build a long term and sustainable funding model for the Parent Council. We all want the best futures for our young people including a strong, vibrant and well funded school community. In the past we have raised funds via a number of events (Xmas fair, Xmas concert raffle and a quiz night) and we will continue to do so. However these events require significant effort to run and have a limit on results.

Firrhill Futures is a fund that you can donate to, with either a one off or small regular payment. We want to emphasise that this is a voluntary contribution and you are under no pressure to participate. We have in the past received some feedback, that people were looking for a way to support the school but did not wish to participate in events and Firrhill Futures now provides this.

We also want Firrhill Futures to be something that reaches beyond your years at the school. And is something you could continue to support during the future when your young people are progressing through life.

For more information about Firrhill Futures and details on how to donate, please email the team at or fill out this google form.

Fundraising Ideas and Events

  • Firrhill Futures – donate monthly
  • Easyfundraising – donate while you shop
  • Step Challenge (family sponsored walk)
  • Xmas Raffle


  • Stuart Barlow (Chair)
  • Louise Wilson
  • Mhari Smith
  • Christiana Keolana
  • Karen McShane
  • Mariana Diaz
  • Jackie Carter
  • Alicja Wrobel (Treasurer)
  • Rory Murray (Teacher Rep)
  • Lauren Harker (Teacher Rep)



Easyfundraising is now upto £1829 !!!

Please remember to use Easyfundraising. Some holiday booking sites donate 4%!!!

We also were invited to visit to the school by Rory Murray, one of our teacher reps and see how our funds support the pupils. Pictures coming soon!



Easyfundraising is now up to £1789 !!! That’s nearly £2k that you all raised by just doing your normal shopping. We have 82 supporters (that’s you) with 10 people raising over £50 each! A big thanks to you all. Please take part and remember when you are buying holidays or renewing insurance. Some holiday booking sites donate 4%!!!

We have run both the quiz and xmas raffles raising over £1800! We will be speaking to the teacher reps at the start of 2024 to find projects to fund.

Looking to fund over £3500 of projects in the school. Including…

  • Eco committee walk-in greenhouse and litter pickers
  • Display cases for the art department
  • Printing costs for newpaper committee
  • Football team kit
  • Netball bibs, balls and whistles
  • Basketballs for all pupils to use
  • Digimaps subscription for Geography and DofE pupils

We are also working with the school to look at how we can fund a mobile PA system for the music department to use for outdoor performances.


Working with the local Co-op store we made a successful application for community funding. The funds raised here helped provide for a number of projects in the school amounting to over £2900 of funding…

  • 2 saxophones for the music department
  • £1500 for the high school musical
  • Netball team equipment
  • View to a hill newspaper printing
  • Digimaps subscription for Geography and DofE pupils


Following the pandemic and lockdowns a major effort was made to fund a number of projects with the Nurture group at the school. We funded…

  • pop-up sensory room
  • bike project allowing pupils to learn bike maintenance, plan and go on expeditions


We had to cancel all physical events and move to online and distanced activities only.  Also due to the school not being able to run activities for pupils we were not able to fund specific projects. We have carried our funding into 2021 and are starting to shape some projects with the teachers reps.

This was the first year that we ran our online Xmas raffle. A big thanks to all the parents and carers who bought tickets and donated prizes. This event has now become our largest and most successful fundraiser.


Around £2000 was allocated to a range of projects including:

  • Mapping software for use in Duke of Edinburgh and Geography
  • Language software subscription for use in Modern Languages
  • Football kits for boys and girls teams in all year groups
  • Holiday Headstart summer camp funding for P7s moving up to S1
  • Portable projector to assist sports coaching


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