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Our working groups aim to support Firrhill childrens’ education in practical ways and to provide useful information to parents and carers. A summary of our current groups is noted below.  Participating in a working group is a great way to get involved in the school without having to be too demanding of your time.

If you’ve got ideas as to what we can be doing or would simply like to know a bit more please come along to the working group meetings in the school library or contact the group leader through our Parent Council email address –  Dates of our meetings are shown on the school calendar and here on the website.

Working Groups Programme, 2017/18

We are keen that more Firrhill parents and carers to join our working groups – meetings take place on Mondays at 7pm in the school library – one/two meetings per term. In return you’ll meet other parents, get to know better how Firrhill works and get the chance to influence the life of the school.

Mission statements – Working Groups 2017/18

The Health and Wellbeing group focuses on drawing on professional expertise to help provide information and support in relation to health and wellbeing issues that might challenge pupils, parents and carers.

The Business and Enterprise group supports the school in the delivery of careers advice and educational developments through parental involvement.

The Communication Group supports open, clear and accessible communication channels between Firrhill High School and the wider parent forum.

The Environment Group works actively to help the school to achieve the Green Flag Award, promote cycling , encourage eco-related learning and introduce new projects related to conservation and the environment.

More details

Health & Well-being Group

Lead: Valerie Bell

The group aims to organise one or two events for parents each year that address relevant issues. The group has also supported the Raising Teens with Confidence course.  Details are circulated by email so please look out for these. If you have ideas about issues you would like the group to consider please let us know at

Environment Group

Lead: Carolyn Hargest

The Environment Group aims to:

  1. Work with the school to help it maintain its Green Flag Award status, which was achieved in  December 2016
  2. Help the school to promote safe cycling among pupils and to achieve the Cycle Friendly Secondary School Award
  3. Initiate eco-related projects within the school, relating to the environment

We would welcome new parents to join our group, please come along to the next subgroup meeting.

We would also appreciate volunteers to help with school gardening projects and with cycle training.

Business / Enterprise

Lead: Mari Yiannopoulos

The B&E group works closely with the school by contacting parents/carers to help organise CV writing sessions, mock interviews and generally help students get a feel for what they can expect after they leave school.

We have also organised successful Parent Job Fairs for the past 5 years which parents/carers are invited to talk in an informal environment about what their job entails, what courses they may have done that were related or not with their current profession/career and generally to give the pupils an opportunity to find out more about different career prospects that they may be interested or may not be aware of.

This year’s Parent Job Fair will be aimed at S4 although S5 & S6 pupils will be welcome to attend.

If you are a parent/carer interested in attending the Fair or if you would like to join our group please send us an email at

Communications Group

Lead: Jane Williams

The Communications Group will:

  • Prepare communication protocols for reaching the widest possible parent audience
  • Contribute to improving the School sections of the Firrhill website
  • Maintain the content of the Parent Council web page

For example, in June 2017, we ran a communications survey to find out how parents prefer to hear about Parent Council activities. Over 100 parents responded, and of those 77% had a preference for email communication, 95% of those who responded read the Firrhill News which is produced by the Parent Council. Over half were unaware of the many useful twitter accounts operated on behalf of the school.

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