Graham Hamilton
The Headteacher, within available resources, conducts the affairs of the school to the benefit of pupils and the community it serves, through implementing policies set by the education authority under the overall direction of the Director of Children and Families.

Depute Headteachers:


Nick McClellan
Responsible for the Curriculum, Assessment for Learning, and Assessment for Reporting. Faculty Links: Health and Wellbeing, Maths and Science. Houses: Caerketton & Darrach.


Roberta Porter
Responsible for Improvements in Performance, Teaching for Effective Learning and Developing Staff. Faculty Links: Social Subjects, Technologies (all). House: Braidlaw.


Julie Statham
Responsible for Behaviour Management, Learners’ Experiences, Meeting Learners’ Needs, Expectations and Promoting Achievement. Faculty Links: Expressive Arts, Languages (all), Support for Pupils. House: Allermuir.

Business Manager:


David Hall
Responsible for financial, administrative, technical services and their personnel. Also Health and Safety, and SQA Coordinator. Links with Amey on issues relating to property services.

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