The Course Choice process takes place between January and March each year. Pupils in S2, S3, S4 and S5 all have choices to make about the courses they will follow next year.

These choices are important and need to be made wisely. Many pupils will be clear about what they want to do and so the process of making choices for next year will be straightforward. Others will be less sure and the choices can sometimes seem a bit bewildering.

Don’t worry! Pupils receive lots of advice and help and they can get information and advice from their subject teachers, their mentor, their Pupil Support Leader or House Head as well as doing their own research into future pathways and choices. Our Careers Advisor can give really good information and guidance too.

Parents/Carers have a vital role to play as well. It’s good to regularly discuss with your child what their ambitions and plans for the future are – you may find they change quickly and often. Encourage them to do their own research – online as well as by asking questions of the right people – so that they have as much knowledge about their future options as possible.

For each year group a Course Choice Booklet is published each year. You can read and/or download those by clicking on the links below.

2020 Senior School Course Choice Booklet (for current S4 & S5 pupils)

2020 S4 Course Choice Booklet (for current S3 pupils)

2020 S3 Choice Booklet (for current S2 pupils)

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