At Firrhill High School 6.6% of pupils are Armed Forces, compared to 1% across Scottish schools. This is significantly larger than other schools within Edinburgh and we believe it is essential to support these students to achieve their full potential. This year we have two members of staff who specifically oversee and support Armed Forces pupils in school. The 2023/24 academic year will have Rhona Williams working with the Armed Forces students.

This year we have focussed on supporting our Armed Forces pupils through a number of different means:
-1-1 sessions
-Literacy and numeracy groups.
-Creating an Armed Forces focus group with Nina Collins from Forces Children Scotland. We will continue to work in partnership with Nina and Forces Children Scotland next year.
-Organising and providing emotional support for certain pupils with the help of Lynn McGilvary from Children 1st, including a social bowling night run by Children 1st.
-Army Workshops focussing on teambuilding.
-Providing free reading resources from Reading Force.
-Supporting students to achieve qualifications. One particularly helpful website for parents of Armed Forces children to look at is Forces Children Scotland who work with us at Firrhill High School :

Course choice:

For questions about course choices for S3, S4, S5/6 Seniors
Advise to copy the link into google  and click on the appropriate new year group booklet.

S3- The below table is specifically for S3
All do English & Maths, PSE, PE and RMPS

Science Choose 1Expressive Arts Choose 1Languages Choose 1Social Subjects Choose 1Technology Choose 1Free Choice Choose 2 and a Reserve (R)Skill Choose 1
Biology Chemistry Engineering Physics  Art & Design Drama Fashion Hairdressing Music Music Tech Photography  French German Spanish  History Geography Modern Studies RMPSAdministration Business Studies Computing Design & Manuf Economics Engineering Food & Cons Graphic Comms Music Tech WoodworkAdministration Art & Design Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computing Design & Manuf Drama Economics Engineering Fashion Food & Cons French German Geography Graphic Comm. Hairdressing History Hospitality (FCT) Modern Studies Music Music Tech Photography Physics RMPS Spanish Sport & Rec Sports Studies WoodworkClassical Studies Dance Drama Skills Duke of Edin* Enterprise Tech Hairdressing Fashion Spanish Manufac Studies PC Passport Photography Spanish Travel & Toursim    

S4 Pupils
You will study 7 subjects. All S4 pupils study English & Maths. You are advised to choose your remaining 5 subjects from those you studied in S3. JET or college may be an option.

S5 Pupils
You must select 5 subjects, and clearly indicate if you want to follow a JET path and/or college course 

S6 Pupils
You must select 4 subjects, and clearly indicate if you want to take a college course. 

Applying to Firrhill High School:

Secondary 1 school places – Frequently Asked Questions
Advise copy/ paste into google to download Q&A

To download an application form
Advise copy/paste link into google and download
return completed applications to One particular website that may be helpful is:

Julie Flockhart

Supporting Armed Forces Pupils

Hello!  My name is Julie Flockhart and I work at Firrhill High School.  I have been a Food & Consumer Technology teacher in the school for 16 years.  I have a new role at Firrhill, which is to support the learning of our Armed Forces pupils.

For pupils in school – I am in school every day to help you if you have members of the Armed Forces in your family.  I will support your in-school learning, and am also here for any concerns or worries that you have.  My office is down in the Guidance department.

Currently we run an Army Welfare Youth Group on a Wednesday after school, in the Learning Centre 3.35-4.30pm.  This is run by Zakia Yousaf from the Army Welfare Service Community Support Group.  All are welcome to join us for a chat, play games and meet new people in a relaxed space.

If you want to get in touch – you can call me on 01314414501 or send me an e-mail at  

Lynne McGilvary

Supporting Armed Forces Families

Hi everyone! My name is Lynn and I work at Children 1st. We are an organisation that supports families in Edinburgh.

For young people – I will be in school every week to help you if you have members of the Armed Forces in your family. I will support your in-school learning and can give you an extra hand in staying connected to your learning and building your use of technology to learn at home!

I also know that life is not always easy – so if you want to talk about any worries you have – about school, home, relationships or your own feelings then I am here to listen or help.

Mums, Dads and carers – keeping up to date with technology is not easy (believe me I know!) so I can help you learn some of this online stuff too! I also know all about how challenging daily family life is or can be , so if you want any advice or support around any issues you may have, from X to X or X then I am here to chat at a time and place that suits you.

If you want to get in touch or know more you can ask a teacher or you can call me on 07960780158 or even send me an email at

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