February Edition of the Firrhill News

February Edition of the Firrhill News

Welcome to the February issue of the Firrhill News

This month, there is a diverse range of topics, starting off with a large number of musical showcases, like those at The Jazz Bar, the Community Carols, playing at the World Aids Day Concert, the Childline and Fanfare Concerts and the Soul Band which played at at Tesco.

Other topics covered include:

  • The Merchant Company Initiative and its award winner.
  • The Book Swap / Give-away Event
  • The new Firrhill Judo Club
  • The Otto Frank Plaque
  • The S3 German cinema trip to see Hördur at the Fokus Film Festival
  • An update on the Renovation Work at Firrhill
  • The Parent Council Working Groups and their contribution to the school.

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