Return from Assessment Fortnight

Return from Assessment Fortnight

29 November 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

As I am sure you know (and probably welcome) assessment fortnight ends today. We have packed into a fortnight what usually extends over a month or more in the summer examination period so it will be no surprise if your child is both relieved the assessments are over and feeling a bit tired.

The assessment fortnight has gone very smoothly so a huge thanks to all the senior pupils for playing their part in making that possible. Great credit also goes to our new Chief Invigilator, Ms Clough, and her Deputy, Mr Robertson. They have led a great team of invigilators and formed a very efficient working relationship with the Business Manager, Ms Ewen.

Staff are looking forward to the return of our senior pupils on Monday at the normal start time of 8:35am. The assessment fortnight was one week earlier this year and this will give teachers additional time to go through the assessments before the holidays and to identify key areas for improvement. Having our assessments early is to give as much time as possible to improve before the ‘real thing’ in the summer.

S5 and S6 pupils will be preparing over the next couple of weeks for their Ceilidh, which takes place on the evening of Tuesday 17th December. That will be a busy week with the Christmas Concert on Thursday evening, the 19th.

These last three weeks of term are important and teaching will continue right up to the end of term. It is important that the senior pupils coming back on Monday use this time profitably.

I would ask for your help to both reinforce that message and to ensure that your child(ren) are in full school uniform on their return. Uniform is an important part of our way of keeping our pupils safe and building a sense of community. We really appreciate your support in ensuring pupils are in uniform. Something we know is not always easy with teenagers.

I will be writing to all parents with, as usual, a summary of another fantastic term but, until then.

Best Wishes.

Graham Hamilton


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