On this page you will find your homework, slides from previous weeks lessons and the National 5 course outline.


Weekly Slides


 National 5 Slides WB 4th Dec Volume

 National 5 Slides WB 11th Dec Volume

National 5 WB 18th Dec Volume

 National 5 WB 8th Jan Expanding Brackets & Factorising

 National 5 Slides WB 15th Jan Factorising

 National 5 Slides WB 22nd Jan Factorising and Sector Area

 National 5 Slides WB 29th Jan Sectors

 National 5 Slides WB 5th Feb Surds

 National 5 Slides WB 19th Feb Indices

 National 5 Slides WB 26th Feb & 5th March Indices & Fractions

 National 5 Slides WB 12th March Algebraic Fractions

 National 5 WB 11th July Simultaneous Equations

 National 5 WB 13th August Sketching Quadratics

 National 5 WB 20th August Sketching Quadratics

 National 5 WB 27th August Finding the Equation of a Parabola

 National 5 WB 3rd September Quadratics Including Discriminant

National 5 WB 10th September Pythagoras

National 5 Slides WB 17th September Properties of Shape

National 5 Slides WB 24th September Circle Properties

National 5 Slides WB 1st October Trigonometry

National 5 WB 8th October Straight Line Revision & Trigonometry

National 5 WB 23rd October CAST Diagram

National 5 WB 29th October CAST Diagram Continued

National 5 WB 5th November Trig Identities

National 5 WB 12th Nov Prelim Revision

National 5 WB 19th Nov Prelim Revision


Volume – Due 10th January

Homework Due Friday 9th Feb

Homework Solutions Due February 9th

Indices Homework Due 12th March

Homework Due 12th March SOLUTIONS

Homework Due 26th March

Solutions – Practice Test HMK 

Homework Due Tuesday 4th Sept

Homework Due 4th Sept – Solutions

Homework Due Tuesday 8th October

Homework Due Monday 8th October –

Sketch the graphs of y = sin(x) and y = sin(2x) on the same page.


National 5 Numeracy Slides

         Nat 5 Numeracy – Ratios and Foreign Currency

         Nat 5 Numeracy – Pie and Bar Charts

         Nat 5 Numeracy – Fractions

         Nat 5 Numeracy – Appreciation and Depreciation

National 5 Progress Volume Test


        National 5 Volume Progress Test



        Answers 4

        Answers 3

        Answers 2

        Answers 1

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