Whole School Challenge 2020

Whole School Challenge 2020

We (Nearly) Did It!

Despite sterling efforts from many, many pupils we didn’t quite reach our target of running through every Scottish city and back again. In our toughest ever distance challenge of 770km we ended up running a total of just under 585km. Still impressive!

That got us about as far as Arbroath on the return journey. It seems the attraction of an Arbroath Smokie or two was just too much to pass up!

Despite coming up a bit short a great time was had by all and the distances racked up by our younger years were very impressive. There are certainly some speedy runners with great stamina in S1, 2 and 3.

Sponsorship money is now due to be brought in and should be brought in a sealed envelope and Tutors will collect the envelope from pupils in registration. Please make sure all sponsor money is returned by Friday March 6th.

All the money raised goes to help our local community and pupils in the school.

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored – every bit helps.

Graham Hamilton


February 2020

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