Parent Update 19.03.20

Parent Update 19.03.20

Dear Parent/Carer,


The Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, provided additional detail regarding school closures earlier today. In that statement he made it clear that examinations will not take place this year. The arrangements for how grades will be awarded to examination candidates are still to be finalised. You can find the latest statement from SQA on this matter at


The deadline for submission of Estimated Grades is 24th April for most courses and 29th May for a small number of courses. Although we will be aiming to submit the information earlier than these deadlines we would not be in a position to confirm any estimated grade at this point in time.


Some senior pupils were concerned, following the announcement about exams, that a poor grade in a subject in assessment fortnight would automatically mean a poor estimated grade for the examination. That is not so. Estimated grades are arrived at by looking at evidence of attainment across the whole course and take account of a variety of pieces of evidence not just one result in one exam.


While qualifications are important to senior pupils and parents all parents will be wanting further information as to what will be happening over the next few days and weeks. Attached to this email are a number of documents issued today by the City.


There is a letter from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer, outlining the provision that Edinburgh intends to provide. This provides a link to the information page about coronavirus on the Edinburgh Council website.


There is also the Guidance for Parents and Carers pack which provides some useful information on what will be happening with the provision of learning for pupils not attending school.


Finally, there is an information Guide from the Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Service. This will not be relevant to all parents but I have included it so we don’t miss anyone.


I have been a teacher for over 30 years and I have never experienced anything like this. No one in education has. That means we are all finding our way through this situation. Teachers have worked really hard over the last few weeks in anticipation of this situation and we will all do our best to keep learning going while pupils are out of school.


Let me thank you, in advance, for your patience and your understanding while we all get to grips to a very different and new way of teaching and learning.


I will continue to update you as necessary.


Best Wishes,


Graham Hamilton


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