On this page you will find homework, slides from the previous weeks lessons and the National 5 course outline.

Important Dates
Wednesday 21st March – National 5 Second Prelim (Calculator)
Wednesday 28th March – Applications Unit Test (Calculator)
Practice Applications Unit Assessments & Solutions
Wednesday 18th April – National 5 Numeracy Assessment (Calculator)
Friday 4th May – National 5 Mathematics Exam
Paper 1 (Non – Calculator) 9:00 – 10:15
Paper 2 (Calculator) 10:35 – 12:25




Relationships Unit

Relationship Unit Resit Revision Answers


Weekly Slides                                            Homework


            National 5 Slides WB 4th Dec – Resit Information                                             February Break Homework

            National 5 Slides WB 11th Dec – Sine Rule                                                         February Break 7 Questions Answers

            National 5 Slides WB 8th Jan Sine Rule

            National 5 Slides WB 15th Jan – Cosine Rule

            National 5 Slides WB 22nd Jan Bearings and Vectors

            National 5 Slides WB 29th Jan Vectors Continued

            National 5 Slides WB 5th Feb Vectors and 3D Coordinates

            National 5 Slides WB 19th Feb Percentages

            National 5 Slides WB 26th Feb & 5th March Fractions & Statistics

            National 5 Slides WB 12th March Statistics

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