English National 5

Purpose and Aims of the Course

The main purpose of this course is to provide candidates with the opportunity to develop the skills of reading, writing, talking and listening in order to understand and to use language which is detailed in content. The course offers candidates opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills. In particular, the course aims to enable candidates to develop the ability to:

  • read, write, talk and listen, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context
  • understand, analyse and evaluate texts, including Scottish texts, in the contexts of literature, language and/or the media
  • create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context, through the application of their knowledge and understanding of language


As candidates develop their language skills, they will be able to process ideas and information more readily, apply knowledge of language in practical and relevant contexts, and gain confidence to use detailed language with clarity and purpose. Candidates develop analytical thinking and an understanding of the impact of language through the study of a wide range of texts:


Scottish Texts Studied include the following:

‘Sailmaker’ by Alan Spence

Image result for sailmaker by alan spence


‘Bold Girls’ by Rona Munro

Image result for bold girls by rona munro


Poetry of Edwin Morgan


Image result for edwin morgan

‘Glasgow 5th March 1971’

‘Glasgow Sonnet Number 1’


‘In The Snack-bar’

‘Good Friday’




Poetry of Norman MacCaig


Norman MacCaig

Image result for norman MacCaig



‘Hotel Room 12th Floor’

‘Brooklyn Cop’

‘Visiting Hour’


‘Aunt Julia’

‘Basking Shark’











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