Art and Design Higher

Purpose and Aims of the Course

The purpose of the Course is to provide a broad practical experience of art and design and related critical activity. The Course provides opportunities for learners to be inspired and creatively challenged as they explore how to visually represent and communicate their personal thoughts, ideas and feelings through their work. Learners will analyse the factors influencing artists’ and designers’ work and practice. They will use this understanding when developing and producing their own creative and personal expressive art and design work.


The skills that learners gain by successfully completing the Course will be valuable for learning, life and work. Learners will investigate and analyse how artists and designers have used materials, techniques and/or technology in their work. Learners will then experiment, using art and design materials, techniques and/or technology to develop their ideas for creative and expressive impact. They will develop creativity and complex problem solving skills when experimenting with materials, techniques and/or technology and experiment with different ways to realise their creative ideas. Learners will also develop their critical thinking and reflective skills when reviewing and refining their work.


The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

  • communicate personal thoughts, feelings and ideas through the creative use of art and design materials, techniques and/or technology
  • analyse a range of art and design practice and critically reflect on the impact of external factors on artists and designers and their work
  • plan, develop, produce and present creative art and design work
  • develop personal creativity, using problem solving, critical thinking and reflective practice skills


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