Growth Mindset Parent/Carer Information Sessions

Growth Mindset Parent/Carer Information Sessions

Firrhill HS are in the process on implementing a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach.  This is being rolled out across the school with a particular focus on S1-3 pupils.  The implementation has been introduced to pupils and there has been a parent/carer workshop.  We are keen to introduce the concept to parents/carers within our associated primaries and also to provide a further opportunity to Firrhill parents/carers who missed the initial event.  If you are interested in finding out more then please come along to a presentation ‘Growth Mindset – what it means for your child’ on Friday 1st December from 9-10.30am at Longstone Primary.  Breakfast and teas/coffees will be on offer from 8.45am.  We are delighted to have Sonia Grant join us to lead this event.  Sonia is an educationalist and expert in how to develop a ‘growth mindset’ in young people, teachers, schools and communities.  She will also be working with teachers and pupils at Firrhill this term.  Please come along to learn how you can support your child to increase their motivation and learning.  It would be fantastic to have as many parents/carers as possible in attendance and this is specifically relevant to parents/carers of P6/7 pupils at Longstone and S1-3 parents/carers from Firrhill.

It is important that we have an idea of numbers so please sign up for this event in advance either through Longstone’s sign up process (if you have children at Longstone) or through Firrhill’s sign up process by sending an email entitled ‘Longstone Primary Growth Mindset Event’ to no later than Thursday 23rd November (Firrhill sign up extended until Tuesday 28th November at 3pm).

There is also an additional session proposed for Firrhill parents/carers on Thursday 14th December from 6.45-815pm.  This session will only go ahead if there is a significant parent/carer demand.  Again, please sign up for this event by sending an email entitled ‘Growth Mindset Session – 14th December’ to no later than Friday 1st December.


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