Level 4 Course

Further Percentages

Gradient and Straight Line

Scale Factor – Linear, Area, Volume

Data Analysis and Probability (incl Scattergraphs and Pie Charts)

Angles and Circles

Trigonometry – Finding and unknown side, Finding and unknown angle

Money – Wages and Salaries, Hire Purchase, Foreign Exchange

Ratio and Proportion

End of Level 4 Assessment

Higher Mathematics

(Flipped Classroom – Larbert High School)

The Straight Line

Gradient Revision Distance between points Midpoints Gradient From Angle Collinearity

Perpendicular Gradients Equation of a Line Perpendicular Bisectors Altitudes Medians Points of Intersection

Sets and Functions

Domains and Ranges Composite Functions Inverse Functions Exponentials and Logarithms

Recurrence Relations

Introduction Limit of a Sequence Finding the RR from a Sequence

Graphs of Functions

Transformations of Graphs

Trig Graphs and Equations

Radians Exact Values Trig Equations


Introduction Fractions and Roots More Complex Differentiation Applications of Derivatives Liebniz Notation

Equation of Tangents Increasing and Decreasing Functions Stationary Points Curve Sketching

Closed Intervals Derived Graphs sinx and cosx  Optimisation


Introduction Dividing Polynomials Factorising Polynomials Finding Unknown Coefficients

Solving Equations Finding Functions From Graphs


Introduction Further Examples Differential Equations Definite Integrals Area Under a Curve

Area Between Curves

Quadratic Functions

Completing the Square Inequations The Discriminant Using the Discriminant Intersecting Parabolas and Lines

The Circle

Equations of Circles, General Equation of a Circle, Tangents to Circles, Lines and Circles, Intersecting Circles

Addition Formulae

Solving Trig Equations, Addition Formulae, Double Angle Formulae



Further Calculus


Exponential and Logarithms


The Wave Function


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