The main purpose of the Course is to develop and demonstrate a broad and comprehensive range of complex skills in challenging contexts. Pupils will develop the ability to use strategies to make appropriate decisions for effect

The main aims of the Course are to enable the learner to:

  • develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills, and demonstrate them safely and effectively across a range of challenging contexts
  • select and apply skills and make informed decisions to effectively perform in physical activities
  • analyse mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact on performance
  • understand how skills, techniques and strategies combine to produce an effective performance
  • analyse and evaluate performance to enhance personal effectiveness


There are two Units of study:

  1. Practical Performance Unit – Pupils will participate in 3-4 main activities which will be    determined after consultation with the group.   Last year these were badminton, basketball, hockey and football.   Pupils are internally assessed and must pass in a minimum of 2 activities.
  1. Factors Impacting on Performance Unit – This written element of the course is split into three outcomes: knowledge of factors impacting on performance; ability to develop personal performance and ability to evaluate the performance development process. This is internally assessed through 8 pass/fail written tasks over the course of the year.



Performance Assessment – Pupils are assessed within a one off practical performance situation which includes a written preparation for, and evaluation of this performance (60%)

Exam – Pupils will sit an exam which requires extended essay responses and this is externally marked by the SQA (40%)


On average 1 piece of homework will be issued weekly with this increasing closer to external examinations.

Link to course page on SQA website here.

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