Purpose and Aims of the Course

The purpose of the Course is to provide a broad practical experience of performing and creating music, and to develop related knowledge and understanding of music. Course activities allow learners to work independently or in collaboration with others, and can help learners to plan and organise, to make decisions and to take responsibility for their own learning.


This Course is practical and experiential in nature and includes flexibility in the contexts for learning. It helps learners to develop a general interest in music, and to develop performing skills on their two selected instruments or on one instrument and voice. The Course also provides opportunities for learners to develop composing skills and their understanding of music.


The Course enables learners to develop their skills and creative capabilities as a musician. Performing music, for example, demands skills of autonomy, interpretation and creativity, as well as providing the opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem. The practice required to develop these skills can promote perseverance and resilience. The skills that learners gain throughout the Course will be valuable for learning, life and work.


The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

  • develop performing skills in solo and/or group settings on their selected instruments or on one instrument and voice
  • perform music with sufficient accuracy while maintaining the musical flow
  • create original music using compositional methods and music concepts when composing, arranging or improvising
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing music
  • develop knowledge and understanding of music and musical literacy by listening to music and identifying level-specific music signs, symbols and concepts
  • reflect on their own work and that of others


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