Colours awards nominations are now open!

Pupils and teachers can nominate here

Parents, carers, coaches etc can nominate here

Firrhill High School are launching a new Colours awards system this session 2021/22 which will be a yearly event. This will culminate in two Award Ceremonies in the Summer term – The Broad General Education (BGE S1-3) Colours Awards (Thursday 12th May) and the Senior Phase (S4-6) Colours Awards (Thursday 9th June). Both of these award ceremonies will take place during school time and parents/carers of award winners will be invited to attend.

Colours will be awarded within 2 separate, but equally valued, categories:

1. Endeavour Colours (turquoise)

2. Representational Colours (red) (1 to 4 stars)

Pupils who receive an award will be presented with a certificate, and a colours badge, for their school tie, on the afternoon of the event. The purpose of the Colours Awards are to recognise excellence, wider achievement and endeavour.

Parents and carers of Firrhill pupils have an important role to play in ensuring the success of the event. You have the opportunity to nominate pupils for each of the awards over a 2-week nomination period which runs from Friday 25th March until Friday 8th April. All nominations will then be discussed by the selection committee which will include: various staff members, pupils from the school council and Graham Hamilton, the head teacher. Nominations will also be made by pupils and staff over this 2-week period.

Endeavour Colours

There are 5 separate categories for Endeavour Colours:

· Kindness

· Citizenship

· Leadership

· Effort

· Resilience

There are numerous things which could be considered within each of these categories but it’s really to recognise pupils who go above and beyond to better themselves or to help others. Some examples could be:

Kindness – Susan is a carer for her little brother and has to rush home after school every day to help her mum look after him. She had to give up her dance classes to provide this support.

Citizenship – David gives up his Thursday evenings to assist with the scouts.

Leadership – Alex assists with the school hockey team every week.

Effort – Sam has improved his weekly maths test scores by working really hard and attending homework club each week.

Resilience – Zara arrived at Firrhill speaking no English but has overcome this difficulty to participate very well in school life.

Representational Colours

Representational Colours are awarded for representing within any area (e.g. art, music, drama, science, literature, debating, sport, maths, politics etc etc). Each subject area within Firrhill has created their own criteria for Representational Colours and will nominate pupils using this criteria. You may know of a pupil who is representing in an area which might be separate to school, in which case, a nomination would be required. Representational Colours are awarded at 4 different levels (1 star – school representation, 2 stars – regional representation, 3 stars – national representation and 4 stars – international representation).

You nominate using ‘Forms’ by following this link. It is a quick and straightforward process. The more detail you can give as to why a pupil deserves an award the better.

Thanks for your support in helping to make our first Colour Award Ceremonies a great success and please get your nominations in by Friday 8th April.

Best wishes,

Morag Carmichael

Curriculum Leader of HWB

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