Easter Holidays & SQA Examinations 2019

Easter Holidays & SQA Examinations 2019

10 September 2018


Dear Parent/Carer,


I am writing to all parents of pupils in S4, 5 and 6 to draw your attention to the SQA examinations in 2019 and their closeness to the end of the Easter holidays.


I am aware that many families take advantage of the Easter fortnight to take a holiday. For some planning will already be underway.


For the last several years there has usually been a gap of about two weeks between the end of the Easter holiday and the start of the SQA exams but that is not the case this year.


We return from the Easter holiday on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 and SQA examinations begin two days later on Thursday 25th April 2019. Subjects on that first day of examinations include Higher PE and Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics. Music at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher all take place on Friday 26th April.


It may be that in light of this you may want to revise any plans for an Easter holiday in 2019. If you will still be heading off somewhere nice I hope you have a great time but perhaps I could ask you to maybe reserve some of your baggage allowance for revision notes!


You can find a link to the 2019 SQA Examination Timetable on the school website at http://firrhillhigh.org/qualifications-examinations




Graham Hamilton



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